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Examples of Our Software Solutions
Case Studies

Project examples and tasks from our experience

Expertise in automated bank transactions

The client needed a fully automated banking system that would generate invoices with digital signatures whenever it was necessary, after the payment for goods or services was complete.

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Expertise in automation taxi services as part of an aggregator business

Automating the taxi services as part of the aggregator businesses Yandex.Taxi and Uber allowed us to achieve expertise in new areas and became a wonderful example of our capability to resolve the integration tasks.

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Form builder for websites -

Create an automated form builder for websites. The main challenge, according to the request, was to capture the data even when the client had not filled out all the fields and had not submitted the form.

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Automatic system for publishing advertisements on social networks

Implementation of an online service project for the system for publishing advertisements on social networks, with the collection of statistics and reports with screenshots, with the calculation of the CPL

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