for companies having no permanent offices (NDA)

project summary

This online service allows you to rent a legal postal address, receive correspondence there and respond to it.


A client from the United States approached us to create a popular in the USA service for renting postal addresses with the automation of the process.

The service user should have been able to:

  • Select an address from the database.
  • Pay for it on a monthly basis (recurrent payment).

And use additional services, such as:

  • Forwarding a letter to another postal address.
  • Opening the letter and scanning it so that the customer could view correspondence in the password protected user account.
  • Reply to letters in a personal user account. Sending a reply by post.



We started to create the project from designing the architecture and defining the main user roles. So far as we communicated with the client, it was decided to slightly increase the number of user types.

This is how Operators appeared who interact with users, and Managers who control the work of operators. The same way we introduced groups of operators by locations, depending on the legal status of the client. The project additionally got a tariff builder / designer and a mini CRM for Managers with the list of tasks.

The quantity of services was also increased. The following services were added:

  • Destroying a letter.
  • Providing telephony in the given region, renting a number and billing minutes.
  • Virtual fax.

Personal account of the customer (user) contains:

  • Customer profile, personal account, cash flow statistics.
  • List of correspondence with statuses, viewing of letters.
  • List of faxes.
  • List of phone numbers.
  • Email notifications parameters.

The project is also planned to be expanded to the CIS space.