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CRM development services

  • We develop unique CRM systems

    CRM systems for small businesses do not have to be huge or complicated, they are not created to be used by thousands of employees or to resolve thousands of problems.

    If you company consists of 10-50 employees and you want to automate sales or reporting, we recommend using a custom made CRM system designed just for you.

  • Ready-made CRM systems

    Ready-made solutions are very common and their number grows by the day. There are desktop, server and cloud-based systems.

    Ready-made solutions can cover the needs of small businesses as well as large enterprises.

    To choose the right product for your company please take into consideration your tasks and price levels.

Creating a technical task for the CRM development

When preparing a technical task for the CRM development, you need to describe your company's business processes at least in the sales department.

We recommend that you use DFD (data flow diagrams) but you can also choose any other type.

How it affects the development
  • Quick creation of a technical task
  • Alignment of the CRM with your real needs
  • Facilitates the development and implementation

If you experience difficulties while creating a technical task, we can do it for you. There is no need to hire outsourcing auditors.

Case studies

other projects

Our Business Process Automation (BPA) Assists TROKOT

The system we implemented in TROKOT automated the company’s business processes (BPA project). It significantly reduced the time between the acceptance of the order and the receipt of the finished product by the customer, as well as made this process transparent for both the buyer and the dealer.


A part of the project, kept confidential according to non-disclosure agreement (NDA), was the implementation of automatic mass payments from the account of a legal entity with automatic signing of payment orders and execution of them in the bank.


It was necessary to develop a software product for business automation, which would take into account all the nuances and features of management and accounting, as well as allow the headquarters management to quickly receive information about the progress of work in the fields.


Automation of a logistics company operating in the international market. Sea and rail transportation of containers. The project and the company name cannot be disclosed according to the confidentiality agreement (NDA).

Development and implementation price of a CRM system

What the CRM price depends on

The development and implementation price depends on various factors such as the need to create a technical task and to describe the business processes which will be automated by the system. Usually it is handled by the sales department.

The price may also increase if you edit a technical task in the process of development because you need additional functions not mentioned from the beginning.

The price of ready-made solutions

In most cases it does not require development but configuration, implementation and showing your employees how to use the system. A lot of ready-made solutions, including the cloud-based ones, cover the most common needs of small businesses and they do not require adjustments. The price of this implementation will be considerably lower.

If you need to add some adjustments to the ready-made solutions, than the price will depend on the number of these adjustments and how much time they are going to take.

The price of a custom solution

Custom made solutions are chosen when the ready-made systems lack some crucial functionality or when it is impossible to use cloud-based products.

We have developed a unique CRM engine which allows to create any type of personal accounts and adjust the functionality. The development price in this case will amount to 1-2 months of work of the development team and the tester. To find out the exact price, please contact us directly.