web client for a government organization to work with subcontractors

project summary

A web client for subcontractors of one of state owned organizations of Moscow that interacts with the main SAP services, automating the organization work. Our role in the project is outsourcing as a subcontractor.


We had to create a web client automating the organization’s work with subcontractors. The solutions should generate and exchange documentation, use the REST-API and comply with all safety standards.



The work was not particularly difficult for us as we worked closely with the contractor. ABAP developers provided all the necessary assistance to us, finalizing the solution from their side.

The solution comprises:

  • Lists of counterparts
  • Lists of concluded contracts
  • Creation and view of material requirements lists
  • General reports, supervisor reports
  • Cost estimates creation and transfer
  • Creation and transfer of ACTs (delivery and acceptance certificates)

This project was the first one in which we had to deal with SAP software. As a result we enriched our expertise in software products of this company.

The project is confidential due to the non-disclosure agreement (NDA), so we can only present its structure and facts to the public without going into details.