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Advanced web application development,
back-end and front-end, API for mobile applications

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We develop custom web applications

  • Front-end solutions

    Every web application requires a front-end. We provide front-end development using cutting edge technologies.

    SSR, React, Angular, Vue.js, JQuery, JavaScript etc. Expert front-end architecture guarantees the application working speed, and UX prototypes provide a user-friendly interface.

  • Back-end solutions and API

    We offer software architecture of any scale and aligned with your goals. From monolithic applications and services to well-calculated microarchitecture and load distribution.

    To select the best suited approach, please contact our team. Together we can find the exact web-application for your needs.

Advanced development of server applications

The client only uses the browser created with one of JavaScript technologies and sends individual requests to the server, where the back-end and the main architecture are located.

Client-server architecture of web applications

This is the best approach, especially if we talk about large interfaces and display of big data. Some good examples are the stock exchange interface or analysis summaries on production managers terminals like SCADA.

The correct approach to developing a product is always planning a detailed architecture and the servers. These will provide the swift and high-quality work.

Case studies

other projects


The project aims to organize the work of mobile phones trade-in acceptance points. The quality of the traded in phone is determined step-by-step based on preset parameters. The service automates delivery of phones to the central warehouse, additional analysis by technical specialists (OTK, Quality Control Department) at the warehouse, and fraud control at more than 5000 phone collection points throughout Russia.


An effective cloud-based landing sites builder that allows you to create your own web site, consisting of one or several landing pages, in a short time and without any special experience.


The online service evatalk.ru, distributed according to the SaaS model (monthly subscription), allows you to create online chats with voice assistants who understand your speech and respond with a voice. The solution was developed using Yandex SpeechKit voice technologies.


The project combines a service for collecting (parsing) data referring to all transactions on the Binance exchange and to a variety of key pairs, as well as for providing analytical reports for different data segments to monitor market fluctuations and to detect the activity of major players.

Web application areas

  • e-commerce solutions

    A range of web-applications is beneficial to an e-commerce company from the start. They help to:
    • collect and analyse data
    • increase sales
    • improve the user experience and delivery services
  • Payment solutions

    Usually payment applications are created alongside with mobile ones, and they have the common server part.

    When developing solutions for money transfers, we pay special attention to information security and safety of transactions.

  • Logistics automation

    The whole process of logistics, from delivering a package to forming documentation, can be automated.

    We have an extensive experience with courier services for online-shopping as well as international shipping on a large scale.