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  • Made with the Unity engine and aligned with your technical task
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Full construction and publication

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Developing Unity games in alignment with your technical task

If you need to create a mobile game - whether it's a childhood dream or a promo for your company - you can contact us and we will develop a custom designed game for you.

You can order the development of a Unity game as well as the full cycle which includes the installation of monetization methods (ads and in-app purchases), balance check and further support.

Publication on popular platforms and custom design of listings.


The full cycle of game development

Prototyping and design

Development of Android and iOS games can be devided into the basic stages:
  • Creating a game-design document and a graphic prototype
  • Creating a technical task
  • Programming and development
  • Testing and stabilizing the functionality
  • Installing monetization, adding analytics
  • Publication and support

and installing monetization

Monetization format shoud be chosen in advance. If it is In-App purchases, then this should be included in the game-design document.

and publication

Publication in Google Play and Apple Store requires professional description for ASO optimization, choosing the right screenshots and video to better reflect the game features.

Developing server mobile games

Why you need the server

To save size, some games draw data from servers to display in the gaming process.

This way the content is not downloaded all at once which makes it easier to get the game from the store. The lacking content is then downloaded when needed and it does not require anything from the user.

Also, when you have complex logic or the systems decides which prize the user will get after opening the chest, you need server capabilities. This increases the app stability, saves the phone resources and prevents hacking.

How to order a game

Before you order a game from us, you need to decide upon the setting. This is the surroundings of the game, which affect the whole style and art design. You also need to determine what the main gameplay is going to be or copy it from other popular games.

The second way is preferable as it increases the chances of positive user perception. If you have trouble deciding the core gameplay, we will help you and provide some examples.

To order full construction or a price estimate, please contact us.

Promo games for your company

Sometimes companies want to create mobile games to promote their product or brand among their clients or employees.

Such projects are usually small, they are based on simple mechanics like hyper casual games.

We can develop a game like this for your company and publish it for Android and iOS.