Service that helps contractors and builders in doing business

project summary

The product is intended for the North American market. The web service is designed to help contractors do their business. The system allows estimating the cost of works (estimates), maintaining a log of concluded contracts (projects) and assigning employees to a particular type of work (scheduling). The service also enables visitors to find contractors performing certain types of works and request a quote for a certain work.


A client approached us to develop a web service based on a ready-made technical requirements specification. At its core, the project comprised a site with several user roles, the goal of which was to connect contractors who perform various jobs from construction to mowing the lawns near homes, and their potential clients.

The client needs to select the type of work, look at the map, find potential performers at his location and send them quotation requests (several at a time). Upon receiving a request contractor can calculate the cost of work using his own rates and forms prepared for each type of business, and send an offer to the client using a ready-made template.

Having examined the project documentation and negotiated to detail the requirements, we started to prepare and develop the project.



Based on interface mockups and unique design we created the public part of the site for customers. The inner part of the site including password protected area with contractors’ accounts was created using the template of administration panel.

Each contractor can fill in not only basic information about his company, its location, contact details and working hours, but also enter standard hourly rates, rates per unit of the type of work. For example, the cost of installing a running meter of a fence.

Scheduling work, each contractor has at his disposal a calendar with an hourly schedule of every employee and can plan the time of work and who will go to perform it.

The feature that distinguishes the project from others was the ability of contractor to create offers, building a complex structure of the sequence of work for an order, calculating its cost according to their hourly rates. For example, if it is necessary to install a fence, at the beginning the employees who concrete the fence foundation leave to work, then the fence installers and then the gate installers.


Available activity reports:

  • Payments control – a report to control payment of projects
  • Financial Results – Details. This report is intended to control financial results of every project.
  • Financial Results – Summary. This report is intended to summarize monthly results.


Available works templates:

  • per Unit of Work - when the work is paid per a unit of something. For example: installation of a door.
  • for Linear Work – when the work is paid per a unit of length. For example: skirting board installation.
  • for Area Work – when the work is paid per a unit of area. For example: plasterboard installation.
  • for Volume Work - when the work is paid per a unit of volume. For example: Concreting.
  • for Room Painting – for painting a room.


The period of project development was a little bit more than 3 months.