Web, product
and price scraping

  • monitoring prices in online marketplaces for various products
  • monitoring price lists of your counteragents and partners
  • monitoring websites of your competitors and others

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Our scraping services

Sometimes companies need to adjust prices of certain similar products to get ahead of their competitors or monitor the products on demand. Sometimes prices can also depend on the fluctuation of provider prices. All these tasks can be fulfilled by scraping of online marketplaces, their products and prices.

We can develop regular downloads of scraping results in the form of API interface or a simple Excel table, depending on your needs. In addition, we can provide the data analysis or develop automated processes that will increase or decrease the prices depending on the found data. For example, you can automatically adjust the prices based on the product category, the competitor prices and other factors.

Scraping provider price lists

This service will be useful to you if you need to gather price lists from various providers, compare the prices and product availability and create prices summary for your clients.

What we offer:

Automatic gathering of provider price lists, updating the prices and availability, adding new products and removing the old ones. Forming your pricing depending on the markup, the provider, the product category and other conditions. Downloading the final price list in LS or formatted PDF.

Development price
(paid once)
от 30000 руб.
Monthly support price:
от 1000 руб./мес.

Scraping online marketplaces and products

Will be useful to you if you need to control prices of certain products and monitor their availability from your competitors such as Wildberries, Beru and others.

What we offer:

Automatic gathering of product data including their description and photos on a regular basis. Creating a CSV file for your company using the agreed-upon logic. The parameters can be determined by yourself, they can include price fluctuations of your competitors, the availability of a certain product and so on.

Development price
(paid once)
от 20000 руб.
Monthly support price:
от 3000 руб./мес.

Scraping UBER taxi rides and others

We have extensive experience in scraping taxi rides to create heat maps for carparks.
We have scraped dozen million rides in various cities as part of our projects.

What we offer:

Scraping rides from Yandex.Taxi, Uber and other aggregator servers using the provided authorization data, isolating your carpark and your drivers. Before we begin our project, you need to request access to API interface from your aggregator service.

Development price
(paid once)
от 70000 руб.
Monthly support price:
от 10000 руб./мес.

Scraping competitor prices

From competitor websites

This is the easiest way to learn competitor prices if they publish such data on their websites. Here are some pros and cons:
  • Pro: constant availability
  • Con: dependency on the page layout
  • Con: a lot of requests to the website can be detected and blocked

From competitor price lists

The price list can be sent to your email or downloaded by a special link from the competitor website. Here are some pros and cons of this method:
  • Con: chaotic data update
  • Con: the price list format can be changed more easily than the page layout
  • Pro: few requests to the competitor website