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Features of SaaS services

  • Software as a Service

    If you are going to provide software as a service, the prime cost of each new copy will be approaching zero.
  • Monetization method. Freemium?

    Before developing a SaaS platfom, you can choose the monetization method for your product.
  • Recurrent payments

    Using recurrent payments helps to decrease the user churn.
  • Analytics. Churn rate?

    You can choose the best method for analysing the finances of your SaaS platform to always keep abreast of things: see the percent of user churn and new registrations, account refills and plan payments.

Web services development stages

To have a better understanding of the development process, please read the description of basic stages.

A web-service development process
  • Detailing the requirements and the general concept
  • Creating and approving a technical task
  • Prototyping the interface
  • Designing the interface
  • Creating the layout design
  • Front-end and back-end development
  • Testing
  • Bug fixes, verification and final validation

Developing a web-service is closely connected to everyday testing, so we recommend that you do not skip this crucial step for your project.

Examples of SaaS services from our portfolio

other projects


An effective cloud-based landing sites builder that allows you to create your own web site, consisting of one or several landing pages, in a short time and without any special experience.


Fleet work automation with the integration of Yandex.Taxi and Uber aggregators allowed us to gain expertise in the specifics of taxi services and became a brilliant illustration of our capabilities in solving integration problems.


The online service, distributed according to the SaaS model (monthly subscription), allows you to create online chats with voice assistants who understand your speech and respond with a voice. The solution was developed using Yandex SpeechKit voice technologies.

Маркетплейс для оптовых покупателей

Маркетплейс для оптовых покупателей промышленного оборудования и запчастей к нему. Особенность маркетплейса в постоянном контроле остатков от сотен поставщиков на основе прайс листов.

What to keep in mind before ordering development of a web service

choose your technology according
to the end-user

Whether your client is an individual user or a business company, you need to choose the best suited technology for them. For example, large enterprises would require box solutions installed on their servers. This does not mean SaaS.

Do you only need web service development ,
or a mobile application too?

Very often, when ordering SaaS development, our clients also order a mobile application. This way the functions are more easily accessible, and even if they are limited, it can also be useful to the end-user.

How to calculate the break-even point

Before ordering a SaaS service, you need to calculate the break-even point, when your profits will be more than your costs. If you think that development costs are final and they will cease eventually, you are deluding yourself. Every successful application or SaaS is constantly developing.