Corporate portals

We develop corporate portals for inside use,
to facilitate effective interaction between employees
and departments within your company.

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Corporate portals development

  • Integration and implementation
    of ready-made solutions

    If the functionality of ready-made solutions like Microsoft Sharepoint is enough for your company's automation needs, then we will provide the installation, configuration and implementations of the chosen products.

    There are two ways to go here: adjusting your business processes to the ready-made solution or adjusting the product configuration to your needs. Technically, the second way takes more time, but, in fact, making the employees conform to the software peculiarities can cost you more.

  • Custom development aligned
    with your needs

    If the ready-made solution does not suit you for any reason at all, or its license cost exceeds the custom developed intranet software, we recommend that you choose the second way.

    The main advantage here is you do not have to change your business processes so that they match the software functionality.

    The functionality is developed according to the needs of your company and can be upscaled unlimitedly. There is no need to buy licences or prolong memberships, because the software will be your property.

Creating user accounts

Every corporate portal requires registration and authorization of employees.

Very often we provide flexible access configuration to various parts of the portal depending on the employee's position or their place within a project group.

Types of access limitations to the portal's content
  • Unlimited access
  • Limitation by position, project, department
  • Individual access

Personal accounts are highly convenient for individual interaction between employees, so we recommend their creation for every portal.

Case studies

other projects

Our Business Process Automation (BPA) Assists TROKOT

The system we implemented in TROKOT automated the company’s business processes (BPA project). It significantly reduced the time between the acceptance of the order and the receipt of the finished product by the customer, as well as made this process transparent for both the buyer and the dealer.


It was necessary to develop a software product for business automation, which would take into account all the nuances and features of management and accounting, as well as allow the headquarters management to quickly receive information about the progress of work in the fields.


Automation of a logistics company operating in the international market. Sea and rail transportation of containers. The project and the company name cannot be disclosed according to the confidentiality agreement (NDA).


A web client for subcontractors of one of state owned organizations of Moscow that interacts with the main SAP services, automating the organization work. Our role in the project is outsourcing as a subcontractor.

What about support for corporate portals?

Support after development

As with other development products and implementation services, we guarantee certain reaction time, priority distribution for all tasks and the hourly cost of support, all agreed upon in the contract.

Why cloud portals are easier and faster to support

We develop cloud corporate portals because of their unique features. No matter where your servers are, we can regularly update the system and upgrade the functionality of personal accounts without goint to your offices. Bug fixes and technical support can be done as quickly as possible.

Pre-planned account upgrades

Every business is constantly changing and developing. The same can be said about business processes which can change drastically. This requires adjusting your corporate portal to new needs or adding new functionality.

We recommend that you plan these changes in advance and let us perform an upgrade to your portal.