automating the work of offices that accept mobile phones as trade-ins

project summary

The project aims to organize the work of mobile phones trade-in acceptance points. The quality of the traded in phone is determined step-by-step based on preset parameters. The service automates delivery of phones to the central warehouse, additional analysis by technical specialists (OTK, Quality Control Department) at the warehouse, and fraud control at more than 5000 phone collection points throughout Russia.


A company that accepts phones as trade-ins (the project and the company name may not be made public due to the non-disclosure agreement, NDA) contacted us to help create an automated system for all company personnel to work with it.

In fact, this project can be considered to be the automation of business processes. But in a simplified form as the service implies no wage fund calculation or accounting documents creation.



We used the PHP development language in the solution to get the finished product as quickly as possible. In addition, the planned load on the system did not exceed the capabilities of this technology, having a large margin of safety under loads.

Initially we planned to create something like an application designer so that the client could himself build any sequence of accepting phones and determining their quality, but when discussing this format with the client's employees, we found out that it would not work.

As a result we decided to go along the path of standardizing the choice based on pre-installed tables in reference books. This solution has also become universal. It allows employees to adjust the necessary indicators online.

The service also includes:

  • Buyers - cards and work history, control for fraud
  • Database of objects - points that accept phones
  • Counterparties - owners of telephone acceptance points and their contacts / links to them
  • Work with requests, requests approval, statuses change when moving a phone
  • Statistics - graphical and table view of statistics data
  • And other features

The project was developed in about 3 months, during which all the features were implemented according to the technical requirements specification and numerous change orders.