for automatic placement of advertisements in,, Instagram, Telegram and Odnoklassniki

project summary

To implement the project and create an online service for the exchange of advertising posts in social networks, with collection of statistics and reports with screenshots, with calculation of the cost-per-click and customer acquisition advertising costs.


To create an online exchange for advertisers and platforms, in which you can automatically place advertisements and have detailed statistics for each placement.



Development of the advertisement publishing service lasted four months. Initially we discussed and approved with the customer the list of social networks with which the service should interact:

  • VK or VKontakte
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Odnoklassniki
  • Twitter
  • Telegram

To complete the order, our employees had to study the APIs of all the listed social networks and develop an interface for our software product to interact with each of them, taking into account their peculiarities.

We paid a lot of attention to collecting statistics and calculating the effectiveness of placing advertisements on a particular site. We also developed a reliable feature of online payment to guarantee the safety of all system participants.

The exchange works in the following way:

  • A customer submits an application to place his advertisement by choosing suitable social networks, indicating the desired date and time of placing the advertisement.
  • The system automatically selects suitable sites and performers, sends them proposals for posting, and freezes the customer's funds provided to pay for advertising.
  • Performers select the customer's application and approve placement of the advertising post on their sites.
  • At the appointed time the system places the advertising post on approved sites.
  • Further the system collects statistics for the advertisement during a week, accumulating data on page visits, the number of views, likes, and clicks to go to the customer's resource for each site, etc.
  • The placement efficiency for each performer, CTR and cost per click are calculated automatically. A screenshot of the ad placement is taken and sent to the customer.
  • After placement the payment is transferred to the accounts of performers. The customer receives detailed information on the results and effectiveness of his ad.

Useful Features

For the convenience of advertisers and performers, a number of features of the Service have been developed, which help in choosing sites for advertising and ensure security for all participants of the system:

  • Freezing funds until the end of the campaign.
  • A calendar of available time slots for placing advertising posts, with the option to block certain dates for the performer.
  • Public list of sites, available for every advertiser.
  • Simple and user-friendly functionality for placing advertisements, adding accounts and advertising platforms.
  • Automation of online payments.


As a result the customer got an effective and functional service for automatic placement of advertisements in the largest and most visited social networks.