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Automatic system for publishing advertisements on social networks

Implementation of an online service project for the system for publishing advertisements on social networks, with the collection of statistics and reports with screenshots, with the calculation of the CPL
  • Year: 2016
  • Duration of development: 6 months

Here you can find the basic developer portfolios and project overviews done by our team.

Automatic system for publishing advertisements on social networks

Our company got a request to create an automatic system that will publish advertisements on social networks. The client wanted it to be fully automatic and connect the advertisers and the publishers who put the ads on their sites.

Work progress

The developmen of the advertisement publishing system lasted four months. We had a discussion with the client and decided upon the list of social networks which our system would interact with:

To complete the task, our employees had to research the APIs for the mentioned social networks and develop an interaction protocol for each of them taking into account their peculiar properties.

We paid a lot of attention to gathering statistics and calculating the effectiveness of ad placement on each network. We also developed a safe payment system that guaranteed security to every party involved.


We developed a fully automated and independent social media advertising system that functioned as an ad exchange. The software process is described below:

To make the system even more convenient, we developed a number of functions that help the advertisers choose the suitable social network for their product and also provide security for every party involved:

The system worked for a short time (July 2016) but managed to accumulate more than 2,000 advertising sites covering all subject areas and target audiences. As a result, the client got an effective, multi-functional system which allowed to publish advertisments on the biggest social networks automatically and provided a sustainable growing revenue.

* According to the client agreement we are not authorized to disclose the company name or the detailed project data.