exchange for more profitable traffic conversion for traffic buyers and sellers

project summary

An advertising exchange that combines several popular ad formats from regular banners to clickunder's. The project brings together those who want to sell ad impressions and those who want to purchase them using the CPC format.


The main feature that distinguishes this exchange from others may not be made public due to the non-disclosure agreement (NDA). So in this article we will tell you about the general goals of the client and the results of the project.

The client wanted to combine dozens of targeting types, smart auction of click costs and rating of ad formats and advertisers.



Despite the fact that we already had experience in creating advertising exchanges, this project turned out to be special for us. The reason for this was an unusual redistribution of traffic and fixation of results in affiliate programs connected to the exchange.

The service also contains all the standard features that similar products have:

  • Webmaster registration.
  • Connection of your sites.
  • Targeting by mobile and wap traffic.
  • Account refilling and withdrawal of earned money.
  • Support tickets.
  • Control over the payment details change.
  • Statistics in a slice of an arbitrary period, the cost of a click and the webmaster's income.
  • Detailed logs.
  • Exchange rates tracking.

During development we learned new methods and technologies of how advertising works, characteristic to the traffic arbitrage market, which increased our expertise in this field. And we hope to apply this knowledge in other projects related to affiliate marketing.