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Online Appointment Software for a Network of Hair and Beauty Salons Tsirulnik

Automation of appointment scheduling for hair and beauty salons

User-friendly online appointment software for a hair and beauty salon network. Customer selection of a salon by locality or by services, salon confirmations and notifications to the customers via SMS, software integration with the local ERP system, and more.
  • Client: Network of hair and beauty salons Tsirulnik
  • Duration of work: 2 months

Here you can find the basic developer portfolios and project overviews done by our team.

Assigned Task

Tsirulnik, a hair and beauty salon network located in several cities scattered throughout Russia requested a web service that would combine online scheduling functionality for customers, enabling them to book appointments without calling the salon, and managerial functionality for management. The client requested a scalable solution, allowing for future expansion of its hair and beauty salon network and inclusion of new salons that might open in other cities.

Development Team Personnel

The Programmer and Design Team did the work on the project. The Project Manager was responsible for managing the project and communicating with the client.

Project Description

Project development was completed in 2017; the main phase – development of a minimum viable product – took 85 hours. We created a Yii 2 framework-based solution that correctly performs each of the tasks listed by the client in the requirements specification and, in addition, solves an array of other, smaller tasks.

Functionality of the developed web service includes the following: 

Finally, we connected the developed software solution to the existing local ERP system through API integration, in order to facilitate the process of order processing and reporting, and provided the client with all the necessary documentation for the API integration.

Problems and Solutions

A key challenge we faced was standardizing services in all the salons of the network. When clients select a service, it is important that they understand the particulars of the service so they can compare service levels and price levels across the network and choose the best fit for their needs. Thus, the entire network needs a uniform standard. To create this standard, we conducted a survey across all the hair and beauty salons in the network and made a list of all services offered. We also created evaluation criteria to help assess the quality of each service.

Results and Additional Work

After developing and testing the web service, we handed over the fully functional product that meets the specifications requirement, to the client, who subsequently included the product in its plan of marketing activities.

Further refinements to the software may include creating an option for bank card payment and mobile payment. This will allow the network to limit the use of payment by cash. The technical framework for accepting online and mobile payments is already incorporated in the web service architecture.