Online Appointment Software for a Network of Hair and Beauty Salons Tsirulnik

automating appointment scheduling at beauty salons -

project summary

This is a convenient online service to book an appointment at beauty salons and hairdressers. It allows choosing a salon by location and services provided. The system supports booking confirmations and SMS notifications of customers, integration with 1C and much more.


A network of beauty salons, covering several cities of Russia, needed a service that combined the functions of online appointment scheduling for clients, without calling the chosen salon, and online management for the administration.

It was necessary to provide a possibility of expanding the network and adding new salons that were opened in other cities.



The project was completed in 2017. The main stage of work took 85 hours. In the course of development a software product was created that solved all the customer's tasks listed in the technical assignment, as well as a number of other smaller tasks. The software solution was made on the Yii2 framework.

The online service includes the following features:

  • Selection of a salon or hairdresser's by location with reference to the map.
  • Selection of a salon or hairdresser's by service types, necessary to the customer.
  • Scheduling of appointment directly on the site by clicking the salon icon with the possibility to select the necessary service or the master from the list, as well as the time of visit.
  • Appointment confirmation via SMS.
  • Personal user account with appointments history, possibility to visit the master you liked, available rating and feedback features.
  • Salon account with the list of provided services, ratings for masters, feedback of customers, etc.
  • Administration account (for the owner of the salon network), reflecting statistics of orders, ratings, control over employees, etc.

In addition, the service was integrated with 1C via API to facilitate finished orders reporting, for which all the necessary documentation was generated.

Challenges and Solutions

The main challenge of the project was the standardization of services in different salons. Selecting a service, a customer must clearly understand its content in order to be able to compare the level of service and prices at different salons of the same network.

To develop a single standard, we carried out a study and compiled a complete list of services provided by all hairdressing and beauty salons of the clients network in different cities of Russia. We also determined criteria for assessing the quality of a particular service.

Implementation Results and Additional Enhancements

Having finished development and testing of the software product, we delivered the online service to the customer, ready to the last button and meeting all the initial requirements. After that it was included in the marketing plan of the beauty salon network.

As for possible additional works to enhance the service, we plan integrating online payment of salon services with a bank card or mobile phone in future. This will allow salons to depart from cash payments for services, at least partially. Technical potential for the implementation of online payment have been already included in the structure of the service.