ERP system. Implementation. Adaptation.

Enterprise resource planning system (ERP system)

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  • Clients. Communication. History (CRM)
  • Warehouse. Smart order routing
  • Services. Service flow chart. Service lifecycle
  • Product variations with multiple attributes
  • Exporting/importing of reports to Excel
  • Customized statistics. Data visualization
  • Fully configurable sales funnel
  • Electronic appointment book
  • Loyalty program. Partner program
  • Smart cash register. Barcode scanner
  • Integrated data aggregation engine
  • Dynamic customer segmentation
  • Employees. Payrolls. Ratings
  • Tracking leads from advertisements
  • Multi-channel campaign management
The implementation of an ERP system can take from 4 months to a year, depending on your objectives, the size of the enterprise and the availability of a detailed description of the company's business processes. You need to be prepared for the initial resistance from the working staff to work with new and unknown software, it is possible to take training courses for staff.
Cost of implementation

The cost of implementation depends on the needs of the enterprise and the scope of work. Estimated personally for each company.

  • from $ 55 000
  • gradual payment
  • separation into phases
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55.00 USD / hour
Examples of interfaces and design of some modules

Example of a part of ERP system for a mining enterprise (demo)

Interface Demo

Settings of sales department, roles and sales plans, wage forms

Interface Demo
Benefits for Small Business
The minimum cost of product implementation

The possibility of a phased implementation, which reduces the one-time costs for your business.

Customizable business process analytics

Get analytical reports on ready-made formats or based on your preferences.

PDS 2.0 methodology, customization to client

All software adapts us for your needs

Potential improvement of automation:
5 times

reducing accounting costs

7 times

faster processing orders from new customers

2 times

faster task setting for field managers

3 times

more information about the activities of your employees, including remote ones

2 times

effective use of promotional funds by reallocating to the best sites

2 times

easier to segment customers by their behavior, repeat purchases, create cohorts