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Maintenance & Support

Skilled, all-around maintenance and support is essential for the operation of any information system

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What Do We Offer to Our Clients?
Software Modernization

Our specialists will immediately refine or modify the programming solution in case of a drastic change in your software product's operational conditions, functional requirements, performance, or other parameters.

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Software Adaptation

The necessity in software adaptation arises due to partial changes in your software product's operational conditions. Our highly skilled specialists will adapt your software product to the new changes, while ensuring your software product's stable operation.

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Software Update & Upgrade

We will expertly install upgrades released for your software, without compromising the stable functioning of your software.

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Benefits of Our Maintenance & Support Services

ESK Solutions offers all-encompassing maintenance and support for your programming solutions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will not need a bloated staff of IT specialists to ensure the proper functioning of your system. Simply entrust this task to us!

IT specialists

ESK Solutions is a seasoned team of IT professionals with extensive knowledge and experience, who are committed to providing high-end software maintenance and support services that will guarantee the stable functioning of your information system.


Through close monitoring of current trends, embracing cutting-edge information technologies, developing updates and upgrades for the solutions we introduce, we make sure that the software products maintained by us always meet modern standards for software quality and functionality.


Pay only for the services you actually need at the moment. As your business needs grow or change, necessitating a change in your software product's operational conditions, we can jointly sit down with your decision-makers and adjust the scope of maintenance and support services needed.

Scope of Maintenance & Support Services We provide maintenance and support services that can be categorized into four major areas of activity:
Monitoring & Diagnostic Services

Our team ensures continuous, 24/7 monitoring of software performance, including:

  • Monitoring stable functioning of program modules and applications;
  • Hardware components and server diagnostics;
  • Remote troubleshooting;
  • Ensuring back-up and restore of your system;
  • System event log retention.
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Support for Your Software Products

Our support activities include:

  • Full-scale response to a problem – from detection of the problem to its elimination in the shortest possible time;
  • Fixing a problem or providing a workaround solution;
  • Correct installation of updates and upgrades, and deployment of new feature packs.
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Ensuring Server Security

We assume responsibility for ensuring your system security, including:

  • Analyzing logs of server requests;
  • Updating necessary antivirus programs and firewalls;
  • Updating other software so your protection is always up-to-date;
  • Protection from spam, tampering attempts, and other attacks.
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Application and Module Enhancement

We develop our own programming modules and applications and continuously improve their functioning. On a regular basis, we:

  • make changes to the source code;
  • extend functionality in accordance with the needs of your business.

We provide you with cutting-edge, high-technology IT solutions, so that your business can get the most out of a powerful information platform.

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