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Would you like to take a look at how exactly your web service or business application will look & feel even before its creation?

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Benefits of Prototyping
Functionality Validation

No one wants to spend time and money on the development of an infrastructure project, or any other business idea, that fails to solve the problem or improve the product/service.

Prototyping allows you to easily test out the feasibility of your new project/idea by a group of potential clients, evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, and get the full picture of the expected outcome.

Prototyping gives you an opportunity to refine your requirements specification, making it maximally realistic and well thought out.

Cost Saving

A poorly thought out solution, overloaded with unused functions, or a software solution that does not meet real market needs, will lengthen software development time and can bloat your budget, as the solution will constantly require further upgrading.

Prototyping will help avoid many mistakes, and thus will speed up the time spent on software development and introduction, reducing your costs and optimizing the work of our development team.

Our Services
Refinement of Requirements Specification

Do you know exactly what the IT infrastructure of your enterprise should look like?

Specialists from ESK Solutions will analyze the business processes of your enterprise and will provide professional advice on preparing a requirements specification that would take into account the real needs of (i) all links of the value/marketing chain and (ii) both higher and lower level employees.

A properly written requirements specification is the cornerstone of a successful software project and the high performance of your future ''smart'' enterprise system.

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Mocking Up

A simple, yet clear, static mockup can almost always provide a comprehensive idea of the new software solution's key features and functions and of the various interactions between the individual components of the system.

For a small project, a static mockup plays the role of the prototype, allowing us to address functionality in detail and to more accurately define the requirements. For large-scale projects with complex architectural patterns, a mockup is always required in the early planning phase/requirements specification writing phase.

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Dynamic Prototyping

A dynamic prototype, the functionality of which is as close as possible to that of the real IT system being developed, helps reveal hidden errors and bottlenecks.

It gives us an opportunity to test out the business processes by the users from various levels. Thus, significant amount of data is collected that will be further used to fine-tune and enhance the user interface. Dynamic prototyping is an important stage in the development of complex, multi-level infrastructure projects.

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Graphic Design

Prototyping not only enables visualization of the processes involved in the functioning of the "smart" enterprise system or a web service, but also allows the client to evaluate the visual design of the user interface.

Graphic designs developed by our designers for software products are at a high quality and artistic level, and reflect the corporate style of your company. The overall work is broken down into phases. Each phase is carried out in consultation with you.

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