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Examples of Our Software Solutions
Case Studies

Project examples and tasks from our experience

Automatic system for publishing advertisements on social networks

Implementation of an online service project for the system for publishing advertisements on social networks, with the collection of statistics and reports with screenshots, with the calculation of the CPL

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Why the development does not stop after the first version of the software project is released

An innovative IT product is not something you complete and forget about. It needs to be continually enhanced, upgraded to versions 2.0, 3.0, and higher – a sign that your product is truly successful. Only an unpopular software project, one that no one needs, remains the same as when it was first released and put into operation.

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Our Business Process Automation (BPA) Assists TROKOT

Our business process automation (BPA) solution helped TROKOT significantly speed up its order fulfillment time and made the workflow (receiving, processing, and delivering orders to end customers) transparent for the buyer and the dealer.

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Automating geological prospecting company

Our client needed to develop a software which would automate the business processes, include all management and accounting details and allow the department heads to get the current status information quickly.

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Trigets.com – Landing Site Builder

A drag-and-drop cloud-based landing site builder. Easy to use and effective, it allows a user to quickly create a landing site with one or more landing pages, without any tech or coding knowledge.

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