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About Us

We develop quality, reliable, customizable software solutions
of varying complexity and scale – applications, web applications,
mobile device applications, corporate portals. We also offer
business process automation (BPA) solutions.

Who We Are
ESK Solutions has successfully been engaged in IT development for 11 years. Our development team today comprises 25 employees. We have gained extensive experience in this increasingly challenging sphere of activity and built a solid, positive reputation with our clients.
We understand how software can benefit your business
and we are always ready to share our knowledge with you

Our top priority is to reach the fullest satisfaction of our clients' demands. We are trusted by many, including federal agencies and companies with worldwide operations, for the development of software products of various levels of complexity.

Benefits of Working with Us
Our Working Principles
Planning and accountability

The activities of our development team are guided by a detailed project plan that describes intermediate results and establishes clear target dates for each intermediate milestone, and determines the deadline for completion of the project.

Client communication

As our client, you will be in regular and direct contact with our Product Owner. The communication is maintained via phone calls, messengers, email, and, if necessary, personal meetings.

Quality control

The ESK Solutions staff includes quality control inspectors, who are responsible for performing tests of the project being developed, starting with the initial phases of the project, to ensure the project meets quality standards. Such testing enables us to eliminate errors on an ongoing basis and achieve the highest reliability of software.

Making changes

Upon receipt of new requests or requirements from the client related to the contents or results of the project, our staff will respond to them immediately upon completion of the work on the current iteration (one iteration generally takes one week). This does not apply to support help, where quick response is critical, and the client receives emergency assistance within one hour.


The dynamic prototyping phase gives our clients an opportunity to ensure that the project plan is consistent with the expected outcome. This phase is necessary to rectify requirements and clarify items of requirements specification.

Client training

Unless another operating procedure for organization of work on the project is stipulated in the agreement, at the end of each phase we transfer documentation to the client and, if necessary, provide our clients with training on the newly introduced module.

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